Book Photographer

Book Photographer

Disco.BG offers you the option to hire a professional photographer to cover your party, fashion show, performance or other event. As a result you will receive a comprehensive photo reportage on the party pages of Disco.BG website where you can share your moments! While you are having fun, our photographers will capture.

The photo session duration is 2 hours and its cost may vary depending on the price plan and location. Upon a client’s request the photo session will be published online on Disco.BG `Party Pictures` section where it can be seen by the website visitors. The photo session may be extended for an additional fee according to the price plan. The pictures from the photo sessioncan be used by the client for his personal needs, however they can’t be given to other media or websites without the express written consent of Disco.BG as a copyright holder. Using images in other media is subject to negotiation for an additional fee. Photography takes place in clubs, discos, bars, restaurants or specially hired halls.

To make a request, please send us your contact details and mobile phone to e-mail: office@disco.bg and one of the Disco.BG representatives will contact you as soon as possible.
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