About Us

About Us

Founded in 2003 Disco.BG has quickly emerged as one of the leading Bulgarian nightlife and entertainment web media.

One of the main aspects in Disco.BG portfolio is providing the largest list of clubs and bars in Bulgaria, easy search and reservation, access to latest news, events, interviews and promotions.

Another important part of Disco.BG business is the coverage of all great parties that take place in the clubs. On any given night Disco.BG photographers' team is there to take pictures and capture the magic party moments which later you can view and share with friends.

Disco.BG also offers consulting services such as club design, management, marketing and PR.

We aim at keeping good ethics and high standards in our party pictures. If you would like a picture you are in to be removed please email us at office@disco.bg with the name of the party and id of the picture. Using Disco.bg photo material without our written consent is strictly forbidden.

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