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Party Boat "TATTOO" Слънчев Бряг

Party Boat "TATTOO" Слънчев Бряг

ТЕЛ: мобилен 087 950 2049
АДРЕС: Слънчев Бряг, Централен кей на плажа
УЕБ САЙТ: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TATTOO-Party-Boat-Sunny-Beach/207921435911029?fref=ts
Прегледи: 26387

"TATTOO party boat" changes the destination Sunny Beach. From a calm resort by the Black Sea, Sunny Beach will now offer PARTY 24seven. The "TATTOO party boat" competes with all other party boats in Europe. It is with no doubts the biggest Party Boat in the Black Sea and one of the greatest compared to Party Boats in Spain, Turkey and Greece! It offers 3 floors with international DJ's, bars, sun deck, dance floors and chill out lounges. It will cruise along the coast of Sunny Beach from early morning to late nights. Day time; Enjoy snorkeling adventures and the adrenaline-kicking swing! The bars are open and we guarantee the most fun day of your summer. Night time: Why party inside a disco when it's summer? Be out doors on the sea with 500 party people from all around Europe! The word PARTY suddenly get another meaning!!!

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