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Exclusive Martijn Ten Velden interview for Disco.BG
Exclusive Martijn Ten Velden interview for Disco.BG
03 Август 2010

Hi Martijn,  Thank You for being so kind to answer
our questions for all the Disco.BG fans  

1. What was the thing that you didn’t like about music before
you started DJ-ing and did you get the chance to change it ?
Ha ha funny question! I always prefer to focus on the good things
in Music otherwise I would be complaining about all the s**t
music that`s out there all day long. 

2. Who is the most inspirational European dj to you and who
is your favourite global dj at the moment?
I have always loved Danny Howells because he has a unique
sound thats always surprising and very uplifting. At the
moment I really dig Luciano. I heard him play a 7 hour set
earlier this year and he blew me away! 

3. What is the best description of your musical style – what
different genres and styles do you play when behind the decks?
I like to just call it House because I incorporate many different
styles of dance music in my sets and make my own story. Deep
House, Minimal, Tech House, Tribal, Progressive. But in the end
it`s all House Music!  

4. How many tracks have you produced until now, own remixes and
remixes for other DJs & labels, any other (secret) projects you
haven’t divulged to the public yet?
I have produced and remixed well over a hundred records! So I will
spare you and not give you all the titles:-) I used to work under
the pseudonym of Audio Drive and even produced a track for Kylie
under that name, called "Whenever you feel like it" which was part
of the Scooby Doo movie soundtrack. You probably didn`t know that :-)

5. Where was your last amazing party this year?
That was last weekend in a new club called `Top Hill` in Montenegro.
Its an outdoor club at the top of a hill (surprise) and holds 5.000
people. Amazing

6. Are you happy to come back to Sunny Beach ? Your party with
Mark Knight last year was topped as one of the TOP 3 events in
Bulgaria, have you seen the 100s of party pics on Disco.BG ?
I can`t wait to do it again! Last year we both said it was maybe
even the best party we EVER played at. I saw lots of good pictures
too :-) 

7. Where is the next place you are going to play after Sunny Beach
and where is the place you dream of playing at?
Two days after Sunny Beach I am playing in Ibiza for a Stealth Records
Party at La Plage. I have played at many many amazing clubs, but I
would LOVE to play at Warung Club in Brazil because it`s the best
club I ever visited. 

8. What is your Top 5 tracks at the moment? Could you please tell
us the tunes you like and are featuring in your sets a lot at the moment?
Martijn ten Velden vs Red Carpet - Together Alright - Phonetic Recordings
Soulrack - I like it (Mendo edit) - Cray1 Digital Works
John Graham - Yeah Yeah - Saved Records
Carlo Lio - Let`s get Back - Sci+Tec
Reset Robot - La Porte - Soma Records  

9. Do you want to send a special message out to the Bulgarian
party people ?

I love playing in Bulgaria! The atmosphere is always great and people
always treat me very well. You can be proud!! 

10. Before we are going to meet you at Bedroom Beach, Cacao Beach on of August are you going to play in any other east European
party destinations ?

Yes actually, I am playing two gigs on the North Coast of Poland
the weekend before:-) 

Thank You again for answering our Questions Martijn, see
you soon in Bulgaria!

Disco.BG Team,
Special Thanxx to IMD, London,

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